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By Steve Maclin

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This review is from: ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES: Child Molested, Woman Abused — Her Victorious Journey to Freedom (Paperback)

“ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES” is an interesting and awesome book. Author Carolyn Hennecy tells the inspiring story of the hardships, heartbreaks, and heartaches she has endured throughout her life. This book should be read by anybody who has ever been the victim of abuse and lack of self-esteem because of it, or known somebody who has.

At the young and tender age of seven, she was molestd by a teenage boy who was a relative! This would happen off and on until she was in her teens. He would tell her that if she goes back home and tells her parents it would be her fault. She was made to feel like a naughty girl even when it was not her fault at all. What is a young child supposed to do?

In her senior year in high school her boyfriend, whom she was crazy about, broke up with her and joined the navy. She graduated from high school and was married to someone else (was she on the rebound?) less than a year later. She hoped she might be able to lead her new, beer guzzling husband to salvation. But instead of home being where the heart was, home was where the beer was. He turned out to be an abusive, violent, dangerous, domineering alcoholic who might just remind the reader of the character Doyle in the movie “Slingblade.”

After divorcing the “Doyle” character, she was later married to a man she describes as “Mr. G Q” because he “was very attractive and quite a smooth talker.” They were married on Good Friday but. . . there is always a but isn’t there? But it was also April Fools Day. A bad sign perhaps? All seemed to be going fairly well until it turned out that Mr. G Q was also “Mr. Three-Woman Man.” Not only was he a bigamist married to another woman at the same time, but he also had a girlfriend on the side! And that is no April Fools joke!

There are other stories as well, but space limits me writing about them. However, there is one more I would like to add.

At one point in the book Hennecy is very ill and is in the local hospital of her Florida town. She is visited by a mystery lady who is assumed to be a hospital employee. But this mysterious visitor has no name tag on. The lady offers to pray for Hennecy and when Hennecy opens her eyes after the prayer, the mystery lady is gone! Further inquiry reveals the fact that nobody in the hospital saw her or knew who she could have been. Could this mystery lady have been an angel?

The overall theme of the book is that even though one experiences a multitude of setbacks, disappointments, abuse, tragedy, sadness, and stress in their life, one can overcome it all and experience a “victorious journey to freedom!” This book tells the power of God’s love, forgiveness, and compassion without being preachy.

Can Hennecy forgive the people who wronged her and betrayed her in the past? My wish is for you to read “ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES” and find out.

In her quest to find happiness and help others, this Southern lady should be quite successful. Once you start reading it you cannot put it down. In my first sentence I wrote “this book is interesting and awesome.” It is also powerful. I highly recommend it.


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