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Where Have I Been?

I just feel the need to touch base and send a “shout out” to all those who visit here, whether regularly or once or twice. I’m recuperating from a week in the Critical Care Unit, final diagnosis is TIA. On the mend and should be back to normal (whatever THAT is for ME!!) very shortly. … Continue reading

Learning From Disappointments – Self Care: Another Life Lesson

This has been a couple of weeks of major disappointments and lessons learned. I have a whole new appreciation for “self care” now, having been given an excellent opportunity to personally choose it or not. An emergency admission to the critical care unit to rule out heart attack or stroke was not the greatest way … Continue reading

SLOW DOWN­ – Anxiety and Depression Are Winning!

In recent conversations with four various people, it came to light that all four are taking medication for depression, anxiety or both. For others, it’s a simple sleeping pill to help bring the rest that doesn’t come easily, if at all. I started looking around, listening more and talking less (Yeah, what a monumental event—me, … Continue reading

SELF CARE: A Necessity for a Healthier, Happier YOU

Not too long ago I heard the term, “Self Care,” and wondered if it didn’t sound a lot like “All about me.” Like most of us, it’s been engrained into my very nature to always put others ahead of myself, never think selfishly, never act or be self-centered. So, when I heard someone mention “self … Continue reading

Moving On After the Abuse Has Ended

Recently, while watching the program, “Ask God,” a quote they brought forth touched me deeply. That quote was: To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover that the prisoner was you. (Catherine Ponder). Thus, once the prisoner, who is you, has been set free, they are liberated to move forward into a future … Continue reading


So, answer me this: Who do you consider to have had the greatest impact on our world? Anyone, living or dead, whether family, friend or foe? Thomas Edison? Albert Einstein? Saddam Hussein? Your Aunt Gertrude? What impact will people say you made during your lifetime?     Who has had the greatest impact in the … Continue reading

Accountability of Clergy

Those of us who were raised in denominational religion or churches, as we look around at the condition of society’s morals, probably repeat on a continual basis, “This has to be the last days.” We see all the reports about 2012 being the predicted year for Armageddon. I’m not so sure I’m biting that hook, … Continue reading

Organized Religion and the Road Less Taken

  Like so many others in today’s world, I’m on a spiritual journey more intense than any other I have been on before. It’s said so often by so many, “I am spiritual (or a Christian, or a Believer – fill in the blank for yourself), but I am not religious.” Has religion gotten a … Continue reading

HOPELESS HAGAR – How Close is Your Answer?

  Okay, bear with me. This is the most favorite of all the messages I have shared not only as a singles pastor, but as a woman and visionary. If you want to, check me out and read for yourself Genesis 21:14-21. Many already know the story. Sarah was barren, and even though God promised her … Continue reading


  Let’s face it, we all have at least one person in our life who was a strong source of encouragement, perhaps mentored us, expended great amounts of time and wisdom with us, or just brought us up from a deep, dark place. It is because of their consideration we were able to accomplish something … Continue reading

Thank God It’s Them Instead of You?

While there is obviously not widespread peace on earth today, for a few hours last night there was certainly peace in my little corner of the world. Steaks on the grill, fire in the pit, the fountain with its dancing waters performing their soliloquy, and I had the iPod softly playing Christmas music. For that … Continue reading


How reassuring to see that Shonda Rimes and her staff of writers have found the importance of including some consideration of the role of the spouse/intimate partner of a sexual assault victim. There is a myriad of emotions at play. In the storyline regarding the rape of Charlotte King, Private Practice has begun to address … Continue reading

Bloom Where You Are Planted

There I sat, just sipping my coffee, watching a TV evangelist preaching on “Bloom Where You Are Planted.” He made a very prolific point. Things happen in our lives for one of two reasons: They may be part of God’s plan for a work in us or perhaps through us. Sometimes the things we go … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2010: Thanks for Lessons Learned From Abuse

How can one possibly give thanks for years of molestation as a child or for enduring nearly two decades of domestic violence? Granted, it may sound a bit strange. Some may even think I’ve lost what little bit of a mind I may have. So, I explain myself. Between the ages of 7 and 15 … Continue reading

Predator… a Breach of Trust

A dear friend of mine recently wrote this article, as the result of being seduced and manipulated by her pastor. I will not use her name, hoping to save her any undeserving condemnation or criticism. She has given me permission to share it with all of you. I’m curious to see how many comments and … Continue reading

Leaving Domestic Violence – Have a Safety Plan!

Many are mistaken to think there are no free services available, but nothing is further from the truth. You can get counseling, group sessions, housing, clothing, assistance with utilities, relocation assistance, if you just work a little to find an organization that can help. Begin with the Family Justice Center (again, on the Victim Support Page). Some shelters provide safety deposit boxes, post office boxes and even voice mail boxes (Verizon is one corporation that assists with this effort). Some shelters even take pets! Continue reading

What is Domestic Violence? How Do I Get Out?

Have you ever wondered just what domestic violence is? Have you ever been asked, “Why don’t you just leave?” Maybe you are currently a victim of domestic or intimate partner violence, and wonder what options you have. It was not easy, but I managed to escape domestic violence. Let’s try to answer some questions in this post. Continue reading


“Don’t ask, don’t tell…” It’s been in the news a lot lately concerning the controversy of gays in the military. While I do not intend to minimalize that issue, I do want to bring a separate issue to the forefront…One of, if not the foremost, enemies of abuse, molestation or domestic violence is silence! So when it comes to stopping the unacceptable levels of children being molested and/or abused, or victims being physically violated, or killed, DO ASK! And victims? Be sure you are safe, but DO TELL. Continue reading


In a little more than a month I will turn 59 years of age. Actually, captured inside this 58-year-old body is a very young lively girl and I’m determined to let her out more often! There’s a lot to reflect upon, draw on and learn from. Getting old is not always pretty, and it definitely is not for sissies, but considering the alternative, I think it’s a pretty good option.
Continue reading

AFTER THE HEART ATTACK – 14 years later

In honor of all those taken by heart disease, including my Mama, both grandfathers and our dear Debbie, I would like to share an excerpt from my book, wherein I recount that eventful day…
Again I found myself thinking if I had come close to dying, it really was no big deal. They asked if I had a preference of music while they did the procedure. I had already been given my pre-op cocktail intravenously, and without hesitation shouted in my infamous southern drawl, “Crank up some Skynyrd!” Continue reading

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